55′ Racer Cruiser Proposal

The brief for this 55’ offshore capable Racer/Cruiser encouraged a simple interior to be fitted in race mode (shown), with a more complete fitout in Cruise mode including an owners cabin forwards. The strength of this hull shape is low drag in the light, with rapidly increasing stability with heel, which promotes a lower bulb weight for given stability, and the beam is increased to maximise this.


The client requirement for high performance encouraged more hull length for a given accommodation (and thus weight), lowering the displacement/length ratio. Their 1.9m (6’3”) headroom dictated freeboard and deck camber forwards, and coachroof and seat height aft. Since the requirement for headroom sets a minimum freeboard that does not vary with length, the longer the hull length the sleeker and better proportioned the design will appear.  Similarly the best performance outcome is to take the minimum accommodation that satisfies the client, and put it into the longest hull length acceptable. Since IRC at this size rewards higher performance, the increase in rating is balanced by the improvement in performance.


The suggested starting rig has a high aspect ratio, but the E could be extended to allow the traveller to go behind the helm and add sail area, with consideration for the rig height vs aspect ratio balance desired for the target conditions.


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55′ Racer Cruiser Proposal

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