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Mills Design and MAT are proud to announce their latest collaboration, the MAT1340.  This 44’ IRC special is the result of an extensive R&D phase aimed at optimising under IRC both inshore and offshore.  It has been increasingly clear that a new approach to IRC performance has become successful, especially offshore, and having devoted the R&D time to understand the features fully, we ended up with a solution significantly faster on corrected time than an aggressive ‘Mini-TP’ model.  These features of medium/light displacement, fin keel, moderate sail area, and the option of twin rudders enable reduced crew numbers especially offshore.


This is our fourth project with MAT Yachts over 14 very productive years working together.   Since we began working together MAT have become successful worldwide with their focus on high performance, cost-effective boat building, ensuring this new design has the best opportunity to succeed both inshore and offshore.  Given the demand for both inshore and offshore racing, lengthy consideration has been given to both disciplines and the extensive options list allows an owner to spec the boat to their exact demands, whilst knowing this is a multi-discipline design.


An interesting development resulting from the R&D phase was the ability to use the CFD generated displaced sea state model in the rendering, matching an accurate wave pattern to the hull shape for some lovely images by Paul Fuchs.   Now being sold by Ancasta in the UK and Jamie McPhail in Australia, www.mat.com.tr.




Claus Landmark drove his Landmark 43 Santa to a runaway victory in Class B at the inaugural Offshore Sailing Worlds at the Hague.  Her sistership White Shadow of Torkel Valland was second, both well clear of the third place finisher.   The first event to combine the IRC and ORC World Championships, it was scored using the combined results under each rule, underlining the strength of this Mills Design 43 footer in the light medium conditions that prevailed off the Dutch coast.


Landmark had previously won the 2016 ORC World Championship in Santa, but success here carries twice the sweetness as it represents the first coordinated effort to bring the world’s two major rating systems together at a single event.  Designer Mark Mills commented after the event “This provides us with a well controlled trial for comparing the two rating systems, from which we are learning more about crossover opportunities to make our designs more capable under both rules, and perhaps under a unified rule of the future.”



A three boat MAT1180 order for the Turkish Naval Academy has been delivered by MAT.  The Naval Academy’s 3000 acre campus in Tuzla outside Istanbul includes comprehensive sailing facilities for its dinghy fleet as well as a range of larger yachts.  The Academy will campaign its MAT1180’s on the competitive Turkish IRC circuit.


Mills Design is excited to have been chosen to design Tango, the next high performance Wally.  When asked by the client for the most refined high performance solution to Wally’s 100′ Racer-Cruiser WallyCento rule we assembled a team of specialists with the most open minds to review the options and create something special.   Our core design partnership comprises R&D specialist Dimitri Nicolopoulos from KND/Sailing Performance in Valencia (also providing design management), Giovanni Belgrano of Pure Engineering overseeing the engineering, and Gautier Sergeant lead designer with North Sails.  We sat down in late 2014 with a clean sheet of paper to combine the comfort and style demanded by Wally with the performance and refinement expected by all of the team, and the result is WallyCento#4.


Tango is currently under construction at the Persico Marine yard in Italy.  “We suggested Mark to the client because I was impressed by the performance of the Maxi72 Alegre.” says  Wally founder Luca Bassani. “Since the first meetings, we shared with him the same visions of the innovations that can be applied to this type of yachts like the cutting-edge deck layout that combines our flush-deck with bulwark introduced in 2006 with Esense, with the ramp deck of Alegre, perfectly reflecting the Wally DNA of improved functionality.”


Significant progress has been made in a number of areas of design and engineering, one of the first targets was optimisation of the accomodation and structure to reduce structural weight, improve hull stiffness, and centralise the significant machinery weights to reduce pitching inertias.   Key to this process has been the involvement of the Project Manager Carlo Torre of MYT in Monaco and the Persico team, who have been creative and flexible throughout the extensive development process, assessing numerous alternatives before a final layout was agreed.  As part of this the extensive systems necessary for these boats have been incorporated from the outset instead of being added at a later point, to ensure the most refined layout and structure.


Deck development is another significant thread, combining the simple sleek aesthetic that Wally has pioneered with a more functional race-able layout encouraging quicker easier manoeuvres.  Drawing on the ramp deck first seen on Alegre this geometry was developed firstly to fit over the interior accommodation mandated by the wallycento rule in the most efficient way possible.  The combination of sloping deck fore and aft with the raised central cockpit floor not only achieves this but provides an easier deck on which to operate.  The key crew roles are concentrated centrally between the wheels and the pit winches, promoting communication and allowing the largest number of winch combinations to come into play.


The complexity of a WallyCento requires many specialists functioning together to achieve an optimised outcome, construction is well underway and we look forward to the launch of Tango in spring 2017 as another example of the strength of team solutions in a project of this scale and scope.


The Premier IRC 45 Concubine built for Australians Jason Ward and his wife Shevaun Bruland, seen here with Project Manager Silas Nolan, arrived safely in Adelaide last week, installed the Hall Spars rig, and has already started sailing.

More information at downundersail.com.