Performance is our focus, applying a rigorous analysis of conditions and using powerful tools and techniques to develop newer faster yacht designs.


Speed is tested on the day, but beauty is forever. We aim to make fast boats visually stunning by matching the look with the character of the project.


Results are the ultimate validation of our performance. Whether new or old, our yacht designs continue to set the bar in the world of competitive racing.

Featured Projects

Retro 41

Launched in Slovenia for a U.S. client, this performance design combines the casual elegance of an east coast daysailer with the power and speed of a dedicated racer to produce the ultimate weekender.  Laid out for shorthanded daysailing the light

Cayman 28

The Cayman 28 is an all-carbon sportsboat drawn for an experienced Cayman Islands sailor to race locally with his friends.  Seeking a higher performance solution for the Sound in Grand Cayman we were asked to draw something exciting, easy for 4 to sail

Flying Nikka

The challenge set for us by repeat client Roberto Lacorte for Flying Nikka was not just to have a foiling sailboat, not just to foil long distances offshore, but to do so within the framework of the existing rules which have no experience of handling foiling


The MAT 1220 is our latest design for a new generation of IRC racers from MAT, emphasising versatility both in performance profile and configuration.  The premise for the boat is to produce a modern light design that is equally at home offshore as inshore,

R70 Retrostyled Performance Cruiser

In March of 2017 we were asked to join an experienced Italian owner for lunch in Milan with his friends and advisors to explore the possibilities for a new 70′ performance yacht.  During a long and very enjoyable meal he described his passion and experience

80′ Racer Cruiser

Our experience racing and winning in big boat fleets in the Med in recent years with boats like Tango, SuperNikka, and Alegre has highlighted the need for a fleet of modern light racing designs which can equally easily fit into the relaxed lifestyle of venues

Vismara 68

The Vismara 68 Mills ‘Pelotari Project’ is a truly dual purpose Racer/Cruiser, combining the powerful hull, carbon construction, and large rig of a raceboat with the comfort and good looks of a modern cruiser.  This is important as the team want a

IRC Racer-Cruiser 100

Developed as a ‘pocket’ high performance superyacht, these sketches for an experienced client were intended to illustrate the possibilities of a simple route to superyacht events with the least compromise to his race boat expectations. The wide