Cape 31 TNT Reaching Video


Dr. Tina Plattner’s new Cape 31 TNT reaching at speed off Cape Town.  She mailed the projects founder Lord Laidlaw:


“We’ve now sailed 3 Wednesday nights in our boat and are loving it. She goes well in light breeze as well as a decent south easter, we yesterday hit 23 knots going downwind!  At the same time the designers got it right that she is not slow upwind either.  Cut a long story short, the Cape 31 is a really fun boat and thanks again for making this possible for Cape Town we will have a lot of fun with this fleet, and I really hope that some more people will decide to buy one now that they are seeing 4 or 5 of us sailing out there…”


The Cape 31 will have a Class regatta as part of the Volvo Race stopover in Cape Town in December.


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