Cape 31 Twilight Race Feedback

Great Facebook post from Cape 31 team SCUD hull number 7:

“S C U D 0 0 7

20 hrs ·

Scud ROCKED it last night. What a jol!

These boats cook at the right angles, and you feel them respond from tip to toe.

What impresses me is not the top speed – which is great nonetheless – but rather how the boat maintains pace and responds so beautifully to inputs.

We were wobbly with our kite drops and drop line, which is a recurring theme for us, and left a lot of time on the course through our own mistakes, but it was great to keep up with the Corby 49 “Nitro” and the Farr 40 “Regardless”… and to hold on for an overall class win on the night.
Course was Start, PE, BB, LM (west of WB), PE, WB, H, finish. About 12.5 miles. Wind was flukey and in the high teen range, with some gusts into the early twenties. Out to sea, it was SW, but in the corner, it was an unstable back to front SE.

We flew the A2 on the first two deep downwind legs, then switched to the A3 for the tighter reach on the last leg. The boat felt like it was exploding with joy on the last leg, after weeks of being caged in with blowout after blowout.

Crew on the night: Michael, Warwick, Imogen, Ian, Gui, Luke & Christian. 594kg.”


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