Cayman 28 Sportsboat Launched


Our latest design, the Cayman 28 for a Cayman Islands client to enjoy high performance racing with his mates, was launched on Hungary’s Lake Balaton by Code Yachts just in time for their largest event of the year, the Blue Ribbon.  Described by the team after successfully completing the 96 mile race on only its second ever outing as a ‘Gentleman’s Skiff’, designer Mark Mills said after the race “it was debatable whether our shake-down sail should be one of the worlds largest races, but it was beautiful.  Racing down scenic Lake Balaton in company with almost 600 starters on a single start, and finishing after a night time battle reaching with 42 footers with Code Zeros… memorable!”



The all-carbon sportsboat features extendable racks that allow the crew to produce far more righting moment than a conventional hiking position, as well as a more comfortable seating position. In daysailing mode with the racks in it becomes a simple sporty daysailer, with the flat cockpit floor running forward to the stem to produce a more secure foredeck.  With load-sharing sails by Doyle, the simple no-backstay rig is adjusted with underdeck forestay and jib tack purchases, relying on the pin-adjustable shrouds to make rig setup easy and repeatable.


More information on the Cayman 28 website .


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