60′ Performance Cruiser

Performance Cruiser combining looks, speed, and amazing interior volume

Some of the features we wanted to highlight with this proposal were:


Exciting sleek simple styling. The goal is to reach an overall length that allows a canoe body depth sufficient to produce 2.0m headroom beneath without the need for a coachroof. At 18.4m the freeboard is appropriate, which means we do not need to have a traditional long coachroof running forwards. This results in a sleek profile with flush decks and a relatively small coachroof for attractive styling. The stylish ‘RS’ arrangement with a raised central floor under the under the coachroof allows better eye-lines to the outside, reduces the feeling of depth as you move from the cockpit to the interior, and on a practical note the ability to use the space under the floor for key heavy components like batteries, tankage, and gensets. Placement of such weights is a difficult process in resolving a performance design, and the opportunity to push these items forwards without losing access is perhaps the main functional benefit of the design as drawn.


Open light interior. This proposal focuses in particular on the vast main saloon space which could be arranged in a number of different ways, but which has the capability to offer a ‘mini-super-yacht’ interior: open, light, and low, allowing comfortable living, or entertainment space for a really large number of guests, leveraging the open space into the galley to produce the maximum of internal volume. The shallow steps down from the central saloon to other levels such as the cabins aft or owners cabin forwards are more reminiscent of a modern villa than a traditional sailboat interior.


High Performance. Delivering a svelte exterior and a large modern interior in a package capable of truly high performance is key. At this size range the buyer has a large range of choices, which are no longer likely to be driven solely by cost, but which now are competing on looks, quality, and performance. Mills Design’s background in race winning yachts of all sizes offers the certainty that it will deliver.


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